A grueling match with DARBY ALLIN at March 8th’s DEFY DRAGON SPIRIT wraps up Shane SWERVE Strickland’s run in DEFY Wrestling.

Shane Strickland wraps up a storied DEFY career after a stunning defeat by Darby Allin. Strickland, will be remembered as the promotion’s fist real flag bearer, a two time DEFY World Champion with a stunning amount of defenses, and 462 total days as Champion.

Post- Dragon Spirit, correspondent Kevin Diers caught up with Strickland backstage and gave the two-time DEFY World Champion a chance to say some last words to The DEFYANCE.

Shane defended the DEFY Championship against a murder’s row of challengers after earning his inaugural run via victory in a 4 way match in Vorhees, NJ at CZW in 2017 against DEFY Champion Davey Richards, Lio Rush, and Joe Gacy.

Strickland lost the Championship to Artemis Spencer at DEFY On Edge in December of 2018. That match can be watched below on a new DEFY NOW for FREE for a limited time only.

More to details to come in regards to Strickland’s future.