Jorel Nelson and Royce Isaacs, ‘The One Percent’ are ready to impact DEFY’s Tag Division in a big way.


“The 1% is coming to defy wrestling. Personally, because it's time for me to show two of my teachers that I'm not that young kid they took under their wing seven years ago.” - Jorel Nelson

If you ask any DEFY fan they will agree that Jorel Nelson is no stranger to DEFY or the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle native and Buddy Wayne Academy alum spent years traveling the I5 corridor, taking on all competitors until deciding a few years back the SoCal scene would allow his breakneck, athletic style the exposure it deserved. This was pre DEFY, these were the “Black hole” days…

“The Pacific Northwest is very near and dear to me. It's not only where I grew up but where my professional wrestling career started. What DEFY has done to resurrect the region brings so much joy to me. Because now it's not a black hole, now it's a place where anyone who's anyone wants to come. Everyone wants to wrestle for DEFY and everyone wants to experience the PNW. Why? Because the very best talent in the world currently wrestle or have wrestled for Defy and because DEFY hosts the absolute best wrestling fans in the world. Bar none.” - Nelson

Flash forward to 2018, Jorel now returns to the Northwest with Royce Isaacs as The One Percent. Recently making their IMPACT Wrestling debut, the duo is quickly making their name known as a preeminent West Coast Tag unit with aims to collect gold wherever they Wrestle.

Nelson with Matt Xstatic battle Amerikan Gunz at DEFY Yo! DEFY Graps in 2017. Photo: Amber Knecht

Nelson with Matt Xstatic battle Amerikan Gunz at DEFY Yo! DEFY Graps in 2017. Photo: Amber Knecht

“Royce Isaacs and myself are two franchise players who came together to create a dynasty. What we've managed to do within the year we've already been together is astonishing, and we're only looking up. 

Two men who had huge influences on me early on in my career are currently your DEFY Tag Team Champions. One of the very best tag teams in the world. The American Gunz. Anything you want from a tag team they have. They've done it all. Staying power, ability inside and outside of the ring, and anywhere they've gone they've held Tag Team Championships together. Which is why it's only fitting that if The One Percent wants to be considered one of the best tag teams in the world, we have to beat one of the best tag teams in the world.” - Nelson

Catch the pair at DEFY PDXIII City Of Thornes at the Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, Oregon on November 24th! Buy Tickets Now!