Friday, January 13th, 2017 at the historic Washington Hall in downtown Seattle

DEFY Wrestling's inaugural event, DEFY1 LEGACY brings former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes to Seattle to defend his GFW NEX*GEN Championship against one of the most dynamic Wrestlers in the world today, Shane SWERVE Strickland.

Matt Cross vs. King Khash
Eddie Van Glam vs. Mr. Fitness
Ethan HD vs. Mike Santiago (Loser Leaves Seattle Match)
Drexl vs. Radford vs. The Catch vs. Kate Carney
Jeff Cobb vs. Big Jack
Sexi Mexis (Sonic and Ave Rex) vs. Greengo Loco and Batboy
Cody Rhodes vs. Shane SWERVE Strickland (GFW NEX*GEN Championship)

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Hosted by Steve Migs. Commentary by Cody Von Whistler and Matt Farmer. Shot by. Tyler Kalberg, Luke Knecht,  Ryan White, and Nick Gattman. Stills by. Amber Zbitnoff Photography.